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Outreach comes in many forms at Grace UMC. The church is active in the community, providing hands-on and monetary support for our neighbors here at home and nationwide, and raising funds for global projects and programs. Members and friends are generous with their time and talents and come together in community to reach out to others. Some of the ways we have been involved in the past or are currently involved include:


  • Crete Cares
  • Friendly Meals
  • Blue Valley Community Action
  • Nebraska Food Pantries
  • United Methodist Committee On Relief
  • Bread for the World
  • Nothing But Nets/No More Malaria
  • Baskets Across Nebraska
  • Fair Trade/Equal Exchange


In addition, the church truly is a family, and every effort is made to help a family member in need. Providing spiritual and practical help and support to those in our church family is part of what Grace UMC is all about.

Church member Dr. Robert Muckel announced recently that Grace UMC's seed money for Dr. Brad Elder's work on a mosquito netting project has born fruit.


Dr. Elder's work was facilitated by a grant from our church provided through an "Imagine No Malaria" fund raiser. Dr. Elder reported that, thanks to early support like ours, he was able to get his project off the ground, which then allowed him to apply for and receive even larger grants to continue his work.


Bob Muckel, who spearheaded the fund raiser, challenged the congregation to a basketball free-throw contest. "I didn't shoot very well with my two new knees," he said. All of which was good for Dr. Elder's project.


Elder used the money he received from us as part of an effort to refine a primitive method for making mosquito netting, using plastic sacks. He then traveled to Tanzania, where he taught his methods to local tribes.


"Imagine No Malaria" is a program sponsored by the larger United Methodist Church. Building on an earlier campaign, "Nothing But Nets," it is often referred to as "Nets Plus." Through the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), the program aims to eradicate malaria in Africa, where the mosquito-borne disease kills one in five children.

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