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Growing Grace with Christian Love for Everyone

About Us

Before there was a Crete, Nebraska, when only three families lived where the town now stands and the county was thinly settled, two Methodist preachers riding the circuit introduced Methodism to the area. In 1869, circuit rider L. Oliver organized a Methodist class. As there was no church, school house or other public building, the class met in the home of Jacob Deems. He and his family lived in a 16' x 16' log house on Walnut Creek, about a mile northeast of town.


The first church service was held in the home of John Lee. By the end of 1872, there were 79 members of the circuit of which Crete was a part.


The first church was built in 1874 near the site of the present Crete power plant and dedicated the following year. It was a one-room structure with a seating capacity of 150. It was named "Grace" in memory of a little girl of the D.J.F. Reed family who had died.


In 1887, the current church was built to replace the original. It was dedicated in 1888. The pipe organ was installed in 1908. In 1957, the fellowship hall was added.

Being In Grace With God

What is it that inspires us? What fills our hearts and makes us want to run and jump and laugh or leaves a lump in our throat, tears in our eyes? What makes us want to DO something because now we feel the NEED to do it?


Inspiration pierces our very being, makes us catch our breath, and reminds us that there is more to this world than ourselves. It gives us something to admire, to strive for, or to act on. It is a moment, perhaps THE moment, of revelation. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, said that God can be found in scripture, tradition, nature, and experience. And for that instant, minute, hour, day, we are renewed, and God's grace is revealed.


When several branches of Methodists joined together in 1968 to form The United Methodist Church, they added a bright red flame to the cross as their denomination symbol. The flame is a symbol of our passion to make a difference and of the Holy Spirit within us. Faith and the church always have to be on the move and on the go. It’s all part of connecting, it’s all part of being at one with and yet still the servants of God. It is all part of who we are.


Tagliore, a Bangladesh polyglot, one said, "Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings while the dawn is still dark." We are ever on the look out for that light.

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